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advertising banner Reservation

Wironal advertising banners are placed in standard dimensions and in a suitable place and in the eyes of the audience to have the best return for the customer. If you want to book banner ads in Wironal, contact us by or Contact page.

Reportage Reservation

Reportage is a promotional article that is placed on the site like other Wironal posts. In Reporting, you can introduce your product or service to the Wironal audience and receive a direct link and Follow to your website. To reserve a reportage, you can contact with or Contact Page.

Reportage Conditions

A reportage is a promotional article that companies use to promote a product, service, or invite users to participate in a particular campaign. reportage, like other Zomit articles, stays in the content list and archive of the site forever, so you will always have a referral from Wironal. reportage is also published in the daily traffic peak to attract the maximum audience.

The text of the ad report is written by the customer. In each reportage, you are allowed to use a maximum of 3 images and 3 links, but there is no limit to the number of words in the text, however, if you overdo it, you will get negative feedback. For each ad report, at least one image in a size of 1200 by 800 pixels is required.

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